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In Cardiology in the young

Despite enormous strides in our field with respect to patient care, there has been surprisingly limited dialogue on how to train and educate the next generation of congenital cardiologists. This paper reviews the current status of training and evolving developments in medical education pertinent to congenital cardiology. The adoption of competency-based medical education has been lauded as a robust framework for contemporary medical education over the last two decades. However, inconsistencies in frameworks across different jurisdictions remain, and bridging gaps between competency frameworks and clinical practice has proved challenging. Entrustable professional activities have been proposed as a solution but integration of such activities into busy clinical cardiology practices will present its own challenges. Consequently, this pivot toward a more structured approach to medical education necessitates the widespread availability of appropriately trained medical educationalists; a development that will better inform curriculum development, instructional design, and assessment. Differentiation between superficial and deep learning, the vital role of rich formative feedback and coaching, should guide our trainees to become self-regulated learners, capable of critical reasoning yet retaining an awareness of uncertainty and ambiguity. Furthermore, disruptive innovations such as 'technology enhanced learning' may be leveraged to improve education, especially for trainees from low- and middle-income countries. Each of these initiatives will require resources, widespread advocacy and raised awareness, and publication of supporting data, and so it is especially gratifying that Cardiology in The Young has fostered a progressive approach, agreeing to publish one or two articles in each journal issue in this domain.

McMahon Colin J, Tretter Justin T, Redington Andrew N, Bu’Lock Frances, Zühlke Liesl, Heying Ruth, Mattos Sandra, Kumar R Krishna, Jacobs Jeffrey P, Windram Jonathan D


Adult Congenital Heart Disease, Congenital Cardiology, Congenital Heart Disease, Education, Paediatric Cardiology, Training