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In PeerJ. Computer science

Background : COVID-19 pandemic imposed a lockdown situation to the world these past months. Researchers and scientists around the globe faced serious efforts from its detection to its treatment.

Methods : Pathogenic laboratory testing is the gold standard but it is time-consuming. Lung CT-scans and X-rays are other common methods applied by researchers to detect COVID-19 positive cases. In this paper, we propose a deep learning neural network-based model as an alternative fast screening method that can be used for detecting the COVID-19 cases by analyzing CT-scans.

Results : Applying the proposed method on a publicly available dataset collected of positive and negative cases showed its ability on distinguishing them by analyzing each individual CT image. The effect of different parameters on the performance of the proposed model was studied and tabulated. By selecting random train and test images, the overall accuracy and ROC-AUC of the proposed model can easily exceed 95% and 90%, respectively, without any image pre-selecting or preprocessing.

Mohammadpoor Mojtaba, Sheikhi Karizaki Mehran, Sheikhi Karizaki Mina


COVID-19 detection, CT-scan, Convolutional neural networks (CNN), Deep learning