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In Computers & industrial engineering

The human suffering from diseases caused by life-threatening viruses such as SARS, Ebola, and COVID-19 motivated many of us to study and discover the best means to harness the potential of data integration to assist clinical researchers to curb these viruses. Integrating patients data with clinical trials data is enormously promising as it provides a comprehensive knowledge base that accelerates the clinical research response-ability to tackle emerging infectious disease outbreaks. This work introduces EMR2vec, a platform that customises advanced NLP, machine learning and semantic web techniques to link potential patients to suitable clinical trials. Linking these two different but complementary datasets allows clinicians and researchers to compare patients to clinical research opportunities or to automatically select patients for personalized clinical care. The platform derives a 'bag of medical terms' (BoMT) from eligibility criteria by normalizing extracted entities through SNOMED-CT ontology. With the usage of BoMT, an ontological reasoning method is proposed to represent EMR and clinical trials in a vector space model. The platform presents a matching process that reduces vector dimensionality using a neural network, then applies orthogonality projection to measure the similarity between vectors. Finally, the proposed EMR2vec platform is evaluated with an extendable prototype based on Big data tools.

Dhayne Houssein, Kilany Rima, Haque Rafiqul, Taher Yehia


00-01, 99-00, Clinical Trial, EMR, Medical Data Integration, Neural Network, Semantic Web