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In Multimedia tools and applications

The universal transmission of pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) causes an immediate need to commit in the fight across the whole human population. The emergencies for human health care are limited for this abrupt outbreak and abandoned environment. In this situation, inventive automation like computer vision (machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence), medical imaging (computed tomography, X-Ray) has developed an encouraging solution against COVID-19. In recent months, different techniques using image processing are done by various researchers. In this paper, a major review on image acquisition, segmentation, diagnosis, avoidance, and management are presented. An analytical comparison of the various proposed algorithm by researchers for coronavirus has been carried out. Also, challenges and motivation for research in the future to deal with coronavirus are indicated. The clinical impact and use of computer vision and deep learning were discussed and we hope that dermatologists may have better understanding of these areas from the study.

Bhargava Anuja, Bansal Atul


COVID-19, Computed tomography, Computer vision, Coronavirus, Machine learning