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In Signal transduction and targeted therapy

Since the first description of a coronavirus-related pneumonia outbreak in December 2019, the virus SARS-CoV-2 that causes the infection/disease (COVID-19) has evolved into a pandemic, and as of today, >100 million people globally in over 210 countries have been confirmed to have been infected and two million people have died of COVID-19. This brief review summarized what we have hitherto learned in the following areas: epidemiology, virology, and pathogenesis, diagnosis, use of artificial intelligence in assisting diagnosis, treatment, and vaccine development. As there are a number of parallel developments in each of these areas and some of the development and deployment were at unprecedented speed, we also provided some specific dates for certain development and milestones so that the readers can appreciate the timing of some of these critical events. Of note is the fact that there are diagnostics, antiviral drugs, and vaccines developed and approved by a regulatory within 1 year after the virus was discovered. As a number of developments were conducted in parallel, we also provided the specific dates of a number of critical events so that readers can appreciate the evolution of these research data and our understanding. The world is working together to combat this pandemic. This review also highlights the research and development directions in these areas that will evolve rapidly in the near future.

Wang Chengdi, Wang Zhoufeng, Wang Guangyu, Lau Johnson Yiu-Nam, Zhang Kang, Li Weimin