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In Journal of Parkinson's disease

Remote and objective assessment of the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease is an area of great interest particularly since the COVID-19 crisis emerged. In this paper, we focus on a) the challenges of assessing motor severity via videos and b) the use of emerging video-based Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning techniques to quantitate human movement and its potential utility in assessing motor severity in patients with Parkinson's disease. While we conclude that video-based assessment may be an accessible and useful way of monitoring motor severity of Parkinson's disease, the potential of video-based AI to diagnose and quantify disease severity in the clinical context is dependent on research with large, diverse samples, and further validation using carefully considered performance standards.

Sibley Krista G, Girges Christine, Hoque Ehsan, Foltynie Thomas


Parkinson’s disease, artificial intelligence, machine learning, video