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In Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland)

Considering the current pandemic, caused by the spreading of the novel Coronavirus disease, there is the urgent need for methods to quickly and automatically diagnose infection. To assist pathologists and radiologists in the detection of the novel coronavirus, in this paper we propose a two-tiered method, based on formal methods (to the best of authors knowledge never previously introduced in this context), aimed to (i) detect whether the patient lungs are healthy or present a generic pulmonary infection; (ii) in the case of the previous tier, a generic pulmonary disease is detected to identify whether the patient under analysis is affected by the novel Coronavirus disease. The proposed approach relies on the extraction of radiomic features from medical images and on the generation of a formal model that can be automatically checked using the model checking technique. We perform an experimental analysis using a set of computed tomography medical images obtained by the authors, achieving an accuracy of higher than 81% in disease detection.

Santone Antonella, Belfiore Maria Paola, Mercaldo Francesco, Varriano Giulia, Brunese Luca


COVID-19, CT, Coronavirus, HRCT, artificial intelligence, diagnosis, formal methods, radiology, radiomics