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In Mikrochimica acta

A general and adaptable method is proposed to reliably extract quantitative information from smartphone images of microfluidic sensors. By analyzing and processing the color information of selected standard substances, the influence of light conditions, device differences, and human factors could be significantly reduced. Machine learning and multivariate fitting methods were proved to be effective for chroma correction, and a key element was the training of sample size and the fitting form, respectively. A custom APP was developed and validated using a high-sensitivity chromium ion quantification paper chip. The average chroma deviations under different conditions were reduced by more than 75% in RGB color space, and the concentration test error was reduced by more than half compared with the commonly used method. The proposed approach could be a beneficial supplement to existing and potential colorimetry-based detection methods.

Feng Junjie, Jiang Huiyun, Jin Yan, Rong Shenghui, Wang Shiqiang, Wang Haozhi, Wang Lin, Xu Wei, Sun Bing


Colorimetry, Image processing, Microfluidic sensors, Paper-based analytical devices, Smartphone