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In Scientific data

The Consistent Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Soil Moisture (CASM) dataset is a global, consistent, and long-term, remote sensing soil moisture (SM) dataset created using machine learning. It is based on the NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite mission SM data and is aimed at extrapolating SMAP-like quality SM back in time using previous satellite microwave platforms. CASM represents SM in the top soil layer, and it is defined on a global 25 km EASE-2 grid and for 2002-2020 with a 3-day temporal resolution. The seasonal cycle is removed for the neural network training to ensure its skill is targeted at predicting SM extremes. CASM comparison to 367 global in-situ SM monitoring sites shows a SMAP-like median correlation of 0.66. Additionally, the SM product uncertainty was assessed, and both aleatoric and epistemic uncertainties were estimated and included in the dataset. CASM dataset can be used to study a wide range of hydrological, carbon cycle, and energy processes since only a consistent long-term dataset allows assessing changes in water availability and water stress.

Skulovich Olya, Gentine Pierre