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We propose a wearable, versatile, and open-source data logger that harvests the capacities of a low-cost microcontroller and enables fast-sampling recording of Analog signals into a microSD card. We describe here the circuit design and an exhaustive list of instructions to build a small, lightweight, and fast sampling rate data logger (up to 5 kHz for simultaneous recording of 3 channels and up to 40 kHz when using a single channel). We provide data analysis instructions, including publicly available scripts to facilitate its replication and customization. As a straightforward proof-of-concept, we tested our device embedded with a three-axial Analog accelerometer and were able to record triple axis acceleration of body movements in high resolution. A Fourier transform followed by a principal component analysis discriminated accurately between body motions of two participants and two types of movement recorded (walking VS running). Our wearable and fast-sampling rate data logger overcomes limits that we identified in previous studies, by being low-cost, capable of fast sampling rate, and easily replicated. Moreover, it can be customized to fit with a wide variety of applications in biomedical research by substituting the three-axial Analog accelerometer with virtually any type of Analog sensors or devices that output Analog signals. •We present a method to build and use a low-cost, fast-sampling rate and wearable Analog data logger, where having an engineering background is not required.•The data logger we present can collect Analog signals from 3 channels simultaneously at 5kHz and up to 40 kHz when using a single channel.•We demonstrate that our data logger can record data from a triple axis Analog accelerometer at 5 kHz, however, signals from virtually any Analog sensor or device that outputs Analog signals can be collected.

Bouchekioua Youcef, Matsui Hiroshi, Watanabe Shigeru


Accelerometer, Analog, Data logger, Microcontroller, Movement disorders, Sensor, Versatile and Fast-Sampling Rate Wearable Analog Data Logger