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In Frontiers in plant science

Longan yield estimation is an important practice before longan harvests. Statistical longan yield data can provide an important reference for market pricing and improving harvest efficiency and can directly determine the economic benefits of longan orchards. At present, the statistical work concerning longan yields requires high labor costs. Aiming at the task of longan yield estimation, combined with deep learning and regression analysis technology, this study proposed a method to calculate longan yield in complex natural environment. First, a UAV was used to collect video images of a longan canopy at the mature stage. Second, the CF-YD model and SF-YD model were constructed to identify Cluster_Fruits and Single_Fruits, respectively, realizing the task of automatically identifying the number of targets directly from images. Finally, according to the sample data collected from real orchards, a regression analysis was carried out on the target quantity detected by the model and the real target quantity, and estimation models were constructed for determining the Cluster_Fruits on a single longan tree and the Single_Fruits on a single Cluster_Fruit. Then, an error analysis was conducted on the data obtained from the manual counting process and the estimation model, and the average error rate regarding the number of Cluster_Fruits was 2.66%, while the average error rate regarding the number of Single_Fruits was 2.99%. The results show that the method proposed in this paper is effective at estimating longan yields and can provide guidance for improving the efficiency of longan fruit harvests.

Li Denghui, Sun Xiaoxuan, Jia Yuhang, Yao Zhongwei, Lin Peiyi, Chen Yingyi, Zhou Haobo, Zhou Zhengqi, Wu Kaixuan, Shi Linlin, Li Jun


UAV image, convolutional neural network, image analysis, regression analysis, yield estimation