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In Frontiers in plant science

Genomic selection (GS), a strategy to use genotypes to predict phenotypes via statistical or machine learning models, has become a routine practice in plant breeding programs. GS can speed up the genetic gain by reducing phenotyping costs and/or shortening the breeding cycles. GS analysis is complicated involving data clean up and formatting, training and test population analysis, model selection and evaluation, and parameter optimization. In addition, GS analysis also requires some programming skills and knowledge of statistical modeling. Thus, we need a more practical GS tools for breeders. To alleviate this difficulty, we developed the web-based platform IP4GS (, which offers a user-friendly interface to perform GS analysis simply through point-and-click actions. IP4GS currently includes seven commonly used models, eleven evaluation metrics, and visualization modules, offering great convenience for plant breeders with limited bioinformatics knowledge to apply GS analysis.

Li Tong, Jiang Shan, Fu Ran, Wang Xiangfeng, Cheng Qian, Jiang Shuqin


R shiny, bioinformatics, genomic selection, genotype-to-phenotype prediction, web-based platform