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In Journal of medical virology

Cancer management is major concern of health organizations and viral cancers account for approximately 15.4% of all known human cancers. Due to large number of patients, efficient treatments for viral cancers are needed. De novo drug discovery is time consuming and expensive process with high failure rate in clinical stages. To address this problem and provide treatments to patients suffering from viral cancers faster, drug repurposing emerges as an effective alternative which aims to find the other indications of the FDA approved drugs. Applied to viral cancers, drug repurposing studies following the niche have tried to find if already existing drugs could be used to treat viral cancers. Multiple drug repurposing approaches till date have been introduced with successful results in viral cancers and many drugs have been successfully repurposed various viral cancers. Here in this study, a critical review of viral cancer related databases, tools, and different machine learning, deep learning and virtual screening-based drug repurposing studies focusing on viral cancers is provided. Additionally, the mechanism of viral cancers is presented along with drug repurposing case study specific to each viral cancer. Finally, the limitations and challenges of various approaches along with possible solutions are provided. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Ahmed Faheem, Kang In Suk, Kim Kyung Hwan, Asif Arun, Rahim Chethikkattuveli Salih Abdul, Samantasinghar Anupama, Memon Fida Hussain, Choi Kyung Hyun


Anti-hepatitis B virus antivirals, Antiviral agents, Antiviral agentsAntivir, al agentsAntiviral agentsAntiv, iral agentsAntiviral agentsAntiviral agentsArtificial intelligenceBiostatistics & BioinformaticsRational drug design