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In Journal of nanobiotechnology

Tumor microenvironment (TME) plays an important role in tumor progression, metastasis and therapy resistance. Remodeling the TME has recently been deemed an attractive tumor therapeutic strategy. Due to its complexity and heterogeneity, remodeling the TME still faces great challenges. With the great advantage of drug loading ability, tumor accumulation, multifactor controllability, and persistent guest molecule release ability, mesoporous nanodrug delivery systems (MNDDSs) have been widely used as effective antitumor drug delivery tools as well as remolding TME. This review summarizes the components and characteristics of the TME, as well as the crosstalk between the TME and cancer cells and focuses on the important role of drug delivery strategies based on MNDDSs in targeted remodeling TME metabolic and synergistic anticancer therapy.

Hang Yinhui, Liu Yanfang, Teng Zhaogang, Cao Xiongfeng, Zhu Haitao


Mesoporous nanodrug delivery systems, Metabolism, Targeted remodeling, Tumor microenvironment, Tumor therapy