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In Environmental science and pollution research international

As a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly manufacturing paradigm, remanufacturing with the potential to realize sustainability in production has been extensively investigated. Scheduling plays a significant role in achieving the remanufacturing benefits. However, the remanufacturing process involves intricate uncertainties because it takes end-of-life products with different qualities as workblanks, which increases the risk of rework and complicates remanufacturing scheduling. Though the traditional stochastic optimization methods or fuzzy theory have been employed to address uncertainties in the remanufacturing scheduling problem, they are constrained with the limited historical data which renders it difficult to describe uncertainties accurately and intuitively. Therefore, a new uncertain remanufacturing scheduling model with rework risk is proposed, in which the interval grey numbers are applied to describe the uncertainty clearly and consider the rework risk in remanufacturing process. To solve this model, a hybrid optimization algorithm that combines differential evolution and particle swarm optimization algorithms through an efficient representation scheme is proposed. Besides, this algorithm integrates multiple improvements to maintain the diversity of the population and enhance its performance. Simulation experiments are conducted on 18 sets of instances with different scales, and the results demonstrated that the proposed algorithm obtains a better optimal solution than other baseline algorithms on 17 sets of instances. The main finding of this study is providing a new method for solving uncertain remanufacturing scheduling problem with rework risk practically and effectively.

Zhang Wenyu, Wang Jun, Liu Xiangqi, Zhang Shuai


Differential evolution algorithm, Interval grey number, Particle swarm optimization algorithm, Remanufacturing scheduling, Rework risk