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In Frontiers in neuroinformatics

Nowadays, an enormous amount of high dimensional data is available in the field of neuroscience. Handling these data is complex and requires the use of efficient tools to transform them into useful knowledge. In this work we present NeuroSuites, an easy-access web platform with its own architecture. We compare our platform with other software currently available, highlighting its main strengths. Thanks to its defined architecture, it is able to handle large-scale problems common in some neuroscience fields. NeuroSuites has different neuroscience-oriented applications and tools to integrate statistical data analysis and machine learning algorithms commonly used in this field. As future work, we want to further expand the list of available software tools as well as improve the platform interface according to user demands.

Moreno-Rodríguez José Luis, Larrañaga Pedro, Bielza Concha


Bayesian networks, machine learning, neuroscience, statistical analysis, supervised classification, unsupervised classification, web application