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In Procedia computer science

In this research work, a new deep learning model named VGG-COVIDNet has been proposed which can classify COVID-19 cases from normal cases over X-Rays and CT scan images of lungs. Medical practitioners use the X-Rays and CT scan images of lungs to identify whether a person is infected from COVID or not. In present times, it is very important to give real time COVID prediction with high reliability of results. Deep learning models equipped with machine learning support have been found very influential in accurate prediction of COVID or Non-COVID cases in real time. However, there are some limitations associated with the performance of these model which are model size, achieving good balance of model size and accuracy, and making a single model fitting well for both X-Ray and CT Scan image datasets. Keeping in mind these performance constraints, this new model (VGG-COVIDNet) has been proposed for real time prediction of COVID cases with good balance of model size and accuracy working well for both type of datasets (CT Scan and X-Ray). In order to control model size, an improved version of VGG-16 architecture has been proposed which contains only 13 convolutional layers and 5 fully connected layers. Multiple dropout layers have been added in the proposed architecture which can drop some percentage of features and applies random transformations to decrease the model over-fitting issue. Keeping in mind the primary goal to increase the model accuracy the proposed model has been trained on different datasets with ReLU activation function which is one of the best non-linear activation functions. Four different capacity datasets with CT scan and X-Ray images have been used to validate the performance of proposed model. The proposed model gives an overall accuracy of more than 90% on both types of input datasets i.e. X-Ray and CT Scan.

Goyal Lakshay, Dhull Anuradha, Singh Akansha, Kukreja Sonal, Singh Krishna Kant


Covid-19;Deep Learning, VGG-NET;Medical Iamging