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In Procedia computer science

A serious medical issue reported at the center of media worldwide, Since December, 2019 is the Covid19 pandemic. As declared by World Health Organization, confirmed cases of Covid19 have been 579,893,790 including 6,415,070 deaths as of 29 July 2022. Even new cases reported in last 24 hours are 20,409 in India. This needs to diagnose and timely treatment of Covid-19 is essential to prevent hurdles including death. The author developed deep learning based Covid19 diagnosis and severity prediction models using x-ray images with hope that this technology can increase access to radiology expertise in remote places where availability of expert radiologist is limited. The researchers proposed and implemented Attentive Multi Scale Feature map based deep Network (AMSF-Net) for x- ray image classification with improved accuracy. In binary classification, x-ray images are classified as normal or Covid19. Multiclass classification classifies x-ray images into mild, moderate or severe infection of Covid19. The researchers utilized lower layers features in addition to features from highest level with different scale to increase ability of CNN to learn fine-grained features. Channel attention also incorporated to amplify features of important channels. ROI based cropping and AHE employed to enhance content of training image. Image augmentation utilized to increase dataset size. To address the issue of the class imbalance problem, focal loss has been applied. Sensitivity, precision, accuracy and F1 score metrics are used for performance evaluation. The author achieved 78% accuracy for binary classification. Precision, recall and F1 score values for positive class is 85, 67 and 75, respectively while 73, 88 and 80 for negative class. Classification accuracy of mild, moderate and sever class is 90, 97 and 96. Average accuracy of 95 % achieved with superior performance compared to existing methods.

Chauhan Hetal, Modi Kirit


CNN, Channel Attention, Covid-19 Diagnosis, Deep Learning, Multi Scale Features, Severity Prediction