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In Journal of glaucoma

PRECIS : Covid-19 underlines the importance of telemedical diagnostics. The Sb-C is a newly developed digital application allowing visual field testing using a head-mounted device and a smartphone. It enables visual field screening remotely from a clinic.

BACKGROUND : Smartphone-based campimetry (Sb-C) is a newly developed tool for functional ophthalmic diagnosis. This study aimed to examine the comparability of the Sb-C and Octopus 900 to ensure ophthalmologic care in times of social distancing.

METHODS : 93 eyes were included in the study. After an ophthalmological examination, the visual field was tested by the Octopus program G1 and by the smartphone-based campimeter. The Sb-C was performed using VR-glasses and an iPhone 6. The software Sb-C was downloaded and installed as SmartCampiTracker app and is examining the 30° visual field with 59 test positions corresponding to the G pattern of Octopus G1. Sensitivities were recorded and saved on the app. Additionally, test-retest reliability was tested on 6 ophthalmologically healthy participants.

RESULTS : The group comprised 48 women and 45 men (mean age: 62.52±12.2 y) including 19 controls, 17 patients with ocular hypertension, 11 preperimetric glaucomas, and 46 perimetric glaucomas. The mean sensitivity (MS) of all points of G1 perimetry was 23.13 dB (95% CI: 22.08-24.18). The MS of the Sb-C was 21.23 dB (95% CI: 20.37-22.08). The correlation between the mean MS measured by G1 perimetry and the Sb-C was strong (r=0.815, P<0.05). The test-retest reliability showed a correlation of r=0.591 (P<0.05.

CONCLUSION : With some technical adjustments, the Sb-C shows promise for screening glaucoma and monitoring disease progression remotely from an ophthalmologic clinic.

Grau Elisabeth, Andrae Stefan, Horn Folkert, Hohberger Bettina, Ring Matthias, Michelson Georg