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In Biology methods & protocols

Artificial intelligence (AI) as a suite of technologies can complement systematic review and meta-analysis studies and answer questions that cannot be typically answered using traditional review protocols and reporting methods. The purpose of this protocol is to introduce a new protocol to complete systematic review and meta-analysis studies. In this work, systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-analysis network based on selected AI technique, and for P < 0.05 are followed, with a view to responding to questions and challenges that the global population is facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, it is expected that conducting reviews by following the proposed protocol can provide suitable answers to some of the research questions raised due to COVID-19.

Salari Nader, Shohaimi Shamarina, Kiaei Aliakbar, Hosseinian-Far Amin, Mansouri Kamran, Ahmadi Arash, Mohammadi Masoud


COVID-19, artificial intelligence, meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, protocol, systematic review