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In Procedia computer science

Information technology (IT) has enabled the initiation of an innovative healthcare system. An innovative healthcare system integrates new technologies such as cloud computing, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence (AI), to transform the healthcare to be more efficient, more convenient and more personalized. This review aims to identify the key technologies that will help to support an innovative healthcare system. A case study approach was used in this research analysis to enable a researcher to closely analyze the data in a particular context. It presents a case study of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as a means of exploring the use of advanced technologies in an innovative healthcare system to help address a worldwide health crisis. An innovative healthcare system can help to promote better patient self-management, reduce costs, relieve staff pressures, help with resource and knowledge management, and improve the patient experience. An innovative healthcare system can reduce the expense and time for research, and increase the overall efficacy of the research. Overall, this research identifies how innovative technologies can improve the performance of the healthcare system. Advanced technologies can assist with pandemic control and can help in the recognition of the virus, clinical treatment, medical protection, intelligent diagnosis, and outbreak analysis. The review provides an analysis of the future prospects of an innovative healthcare system.

Ali Omar, AlAhmad Ahmad, Kahtan Hasan


Artificial Intelligence, COVID-19, Cloud Computing, Healthcare, Informatization, Internet of Things