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In Neurocomputing

The connection between humans and digital technologies has been documented extensively in the past decades but needs to be evaluated through the current global pandemic. Artificial Intelligence(AI), with its two strands, Machine Learning (ML) and Semantic Reasoning, has proven to be a great solution to provide efficient ways to prevent, diagnose and limit the spread of COVID-19. IoT solutions have been widely proposed for COVID-19 disease monitoring, infection geolocation, and social applications. In this paper, we investigate the usage of the three technologies for handling the COVID-19 pandemic. For this purpose, we surveyed the existing ML applications and algorithms proposed during the pandemic to detect COVID-19 disease using symptom factors and image processing. The survey includes existing approaches including semantic technologies and IoT systems for COVID-19. Based on the survey result, we classified the main challenges and the solutions that could solve them. The study proposes a conceptual framework for pandemic management and discusses challenges and trends for future research.

Zgheib Rita, Chahbandarian Ghazar, Kamalov Firuz, Messiry Haythem El, Al-Gindy Ahmed


COVID-19, Cloud architecture, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Ontologies, Survey