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In Procedia computer science

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic creates a worldwide health crisis. According to the WHO, the effective protection system is wearing a face mask in public places. Many studies proved that carrying a face mask is also one of the precautions to decrease the possibility of viral transmission. Strict monitoring of face mask being worn by people is now enforced in many countries. Manual observation and monitoring is quite tedious. Hence, automated systems have been researched using well-kwown face mask detection methods. However, this research paper, deals with some deep learning models which can be effectively used to detect multiple face masks in a crowded environment when the amount of incoming data from sensors is huge or in otherwise stated to a Big data problem. Hence, standalone face detection models are not quite suited. Deep learning models are required in such Big data scenario which forms the essence of this study.

Rekha V, Manoharan J Samuel, Hemalatha R, Saravanan D


Big Data, Complex Data analytics, Deep Learning models, Face Mask Detection, Multi – Sensor Data Acquisition