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In Health and technology

OBJECTIVE : The objective of this theoretical paper is to identify conceptual solutions for securing, predicting, and improving vaccine production and supply chains.

METHOD : The case study, action research, and review method is used with secondary data - publicly available open access data.

RESULTS : A set of six algorithmic solutions is presented for resolving vaccine production and supply chain bottlenecks. A different set of algorithmic solutions is presented for forecasting risks during a Disease X event. A new conceptual framework is designed to integrate the emerging solutions in vaccine production and supply chains. The framework is constructed to improve the state-of-the-art by intersecting the previously isolated disciplines of edge computing; cyber-risk analytics; healthcare systems, and AI algorithms.

CONCLUSION : For healthcare systems to cope better during a disease X event than during Covid-19, we need multiple highly specific AI algorithms, targeted for solving specific problems. The proposed framework would reduce production and supply chain risk and complexity in a Disease X event.

Radanliev Petar, De Roure David


Artificial intelligence, Disease X, Healthcare systems, Industry 4.0, Risk assessment, Vaccine production and supply chains