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In Journal of bionic engineering

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is the most severe epidemic that is prevalent all over the world. How quickly and accurately identifying COVID-19 is of great significance to controlling the spread speed of the epidemic. Moreover, it is essential to accurately and rapidly identify COVID-19 lesions by analyzing Chest X-ray images. As we all know, image segmentation is a critical stage in image processing and analysis. To achieve better image segmentation results, this paper proposes to improve the multi-verse optimizer algorithm using the Rosenbrock method and diffusion mechanism named RDMVO. Then utilizes RDMVO to calculate the maximum Kapur's entropy for multilevel threshold image segmentation. This image segmentation scheme is called RDMVO-MIS. We ran two sets of experiments to test the performance of RDMVO and RDMVO-MIS. First, RDMVO was compared with other excellent peers on IEEE CEC2017 to test the performance of RDMVO on benchmark functions. Second, the image segmentation experiment was carried out using RDMVO-MIS, and some meta-heuristic algorithms were selected as comparisons. The test image dataset includes Berkeley images and COVID-19 Chest X-ray images. The experimental results verify that RDMVO is highly competitive in benchmark functions and image segmentation experiments compared with other meta-heuristic algorithms.

Han Yan, Chen Weibin, Heidari Ali Asghar, Chen Huiling


Bionic algorithm, COVID-19, Kapur’s entropy, Meta-heuristic algorithm, Multi-verse optimizer, Multilevel threshold image segmentation