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In PloS one ; h5-index 176.0

During the course of this research, we came up with a brand new distribution that is superior; we then presented and analysed the mathematical properties of this distribution; finally, we assessed its fuzzy reliability function. Because the novel distribution provides a number of advantages, like the reality that its cumulative distribution function and probability density function both have a closed form, it is very useful in a wide range of disciplines that are related to data science. One of these fields is machine learning, which is a sub field of data science. We used both traditional methods and Bayesian methodologies in order to generate a large number of different estimates. A test setup might have been carried out to assess the effectiveness of both the classical and the Bayesian estimators. At last, three different sets of Covid-19 death analysis were done so that the effectiveness of the new model could be demonstrated.

Almuqrin Muqrin A, Almutlak Salemah A, Gemeay Ahmed M, Almetwally Ehab M, Karakaya Kadir, Makumi Nicholas, Hussam Eslam, Aldallal Ramy