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In SN computer science

The embodiment of technology in education can make learning easier, more enjoyable, and more accessible. From Learning Machines to artificial intelligence (AI), educational technology has repeatedly tested its strength as an aider or a substitute to in-person teaching. During the COVID-19 pandemic international organisations promoted the idea of the transformation of education using technology. Comparison of their texts published in 2020 with texts published in 2021 indicates that much of the early enthusiasm concerning the transition from in-person to remote learning gave its position to more thoughtful accounts after considering the learning losses and students' disappointment from the disruption of in-person relationships. This publication highlights aspects of education technology usually overlooked in futuristic accounts of education. Adopting a non-deterministic view of technology attempts to contribute to the more human-centred incorporation of technologies in education.

Photopoulos Panos, Triantis Dimos


Blended learning, COVID-19, Face-to-face education, Online learning, Technological determinism, Technology driven change