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In Pattern recognition

With the outbreak and wide spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), contactless fingerprint recognition has attracted more attention for personal recognition because it can provide significantly higher user convenience and hygiene than the traditional contact-based fingerprint recognition. However, it is still challenging to achieve a highly accurate recognition due to the low ridge-valley contrast and pose variances of contactless fingerprints. Minutiae points are a kind of ridge flow discontinuities, and robust and accurate extraction is an important step for most automatic fingerprint recognition algorithms. Most of existing methods are based on two stages which locate the minutiae points first and then compute their directions. The two-stage method cannot make full use of location and direction information. In this paper, we propose a multi-task fully deep convolutional neural network for jointly learning the minutiae location detection and its corresponding direction computation which operates directly on the whole gray scale contactless fingerprints. The proposed method consists of offline training and online testing stages. In the training stage, a fully deep convolutional neural network is built for the tasks of minutiae detection and its direction regression, with an attention mechanism to make the direction regression branch concentrate on the minutiae points. A new loss function is proposed to jointly learn the tasks of minutiae detection and its direction regression from the whole fingerprints. In the testing stage, the trained network is applied on the whole contactless fingerprint to generate the minutiae location and direction maps. The proposed multi-task leaning method performs better than the individual single task and it operates directly on the raw gray-scale contactless fingerprints without preprocessing. The results on three contactless fingerprint datasets show the proposed algorithm performs better than other minutiae extraction algorithms and the commercial software.

Zhang Zhao, Liu Shuxin, Liu Manhua


00-01, 99-00, Contactless fingerprint, Deep convolutional neural network, Minutiae extraction, Multi-task learning