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In Computer communications

COVID-19 data analysis and prediction from patient data repository collected from hospitals and health organizations. Users' credentials and personal information are at risk; it could be an unrecoverable issue worldwide. A Homomorphic identification of possible breaches could be more appropriate for minimizing the risk factors in preventing personal data. Individual user privacy preservation is a must-needed research focus in various fields. Health data generated and collected information from multiple scenarios increasing the complexity involved in maintaining secret patient information. A homomorphic-based systematic approach with a deep learning process could reduce depicts and illegal functionality of unknown organizations trying to have relation to the environment and physical and social relations. This article addresses the homomorphic standard system functionality, which refers to all the functional aspects of deep learning system requirements in COVID-19 health management. Moreover, this paper spotlights the metric privacy incorporation for improving the Deep Learning System (DPLS) approaches for solving the healthcare system's complex issues. It is absorbed from the result analysis Homomorphic-based privacy observation metric gradually improves the effectiveness of the deep learning process in COVID-19-health care management.

Dhasarathan Chandramohan, Hasan Mohammad Kamrul, Islam Shayla, Abdullah Salwani, Mokhtar Umi Asma, Javed Abdul Rehman, Goundar Sam


Deep learning system, Healthcare, Homomorphic, Privacy metrics, Privacy preserving, Security