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In Journal of imaging

The colorization of grayscale images can, nowadays, take advantage of recent progress and the automation of deep-learning techniques. From the media industry to medical or geospatial applications, image colorization is an attractive and investigated image processing practice, and it is also helpful for revitalizing historical photographs. After exploring some of the existing fully automatic learning methods, the article presents a new neural network architecture, Hyper-U-NET, which combines a U-NET-like architecture and HyperConnections to handle the colorization of historical black and white aerial images. The training dataset (about 10,000 colored aerial image patches) and the realized neural network are available on our GitHub page to boost further research investigations in this field.

Farella Elisa Mariarosaria, Malek Salim, Remondino Fabio


aerial images, deep learning, grayscale image colorization, historical photos