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In Journal of digital imaging

Technological tools can redesign traditional approaches to radiology education, for example, with simulation cases and via computer-generated feedback. In this study, we investigated the use of an AI-powered, Bayesian inference-based clinical decision support (CDS) software to provide automated "real-time" feedback to trainees during interpretation of clinical and simulation brain MRI examinations. Radiology trainees participated in sessions in which they interpreted 3 brain MRIs: two cases from a routine clinical worklist (one without and one with CDS) and a teaching file-based simulation case with CDS. The CDS software required trainees to input imaging features and differential diagnoses, after which inferred diagnoses were displayed, and the case was reviewed with an attending neuroradiologist. An observer timed each case, including time spent on education, and trainees completed a survey rating their confidence in their findings and the educational value of the case. Ten trainees reviewed 75 brain MRI examinations during 25 reading sessions. Trainees had slightly lower confidence in their findings and diagnosis and rated the educational value slightly higher for simulation cases with CDS compared to clinical cases without CDS (p < 0.05). There were no significant differences in ratings of clinical cases with or without CDS. No differences in overall timing were found among the reading scenarios. Simulation cases with "CDS-provided feedback" may improve the educational value of interpreting imaging studies at a workstation without adding additional time. Further investigation will help drive innovation in trainee education, which may be particularly relevant in this era of increasing remote work and asynchronous attending review.

Shah Chintan, Davtyan Karapet, Nasrallah Ilya, Bryan R Nick, Mohan Suyash


Artificial intelligence, Bayesian networks, Brain MRI, Education, Simulation