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In BioMed research international ; h5-index 102.0

Computer tomography is an extensively used method for the detection of the disease in the subjects. Basically, computer-aided tomography depending on the artificial intelligence reveals its significance in smart health care monitoring system. Owing to its security and the private issue, analyzing the computed tomography dataset has become a tedious process. This study puts forward the convolutional autoencrypted deep learning neural network to assist unsupervised learning technique. By carrying out various experiments, our proposed method produces better results comparative to other traditional methods, which efficaciously solves the issues related to the artificial image description. Hence, the convolutional autoencoder is widely used in measuring the lumps in the bronchi. With the unsupervised machine learning, the extracted features are used for various applications.

Kasinathan Prabakaran, Prabha R, Sabeenian R S, Baskar K, Ramkumar A, Alemayehu Samson