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In IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement

Time-synchronized state estimation for reconfigurable distribution networks is challenging because of limited real-time observability. This paper addresses this challenge by formulating a deep learning (DL)-based approach for topology identification (TI) and unbalanced three-phase distribution system state estimation (DSSE). Two deep neural networks (DNNs) are trained for time-synchronized DNN-based TI and DSSE, respectively, for systems that are incompletely observed by synchrophasor measurement devices (SMDs) in real-time. A data-driven approach for judicious SMD placement to facilitate reliable TI and DSSE is also provided. Robustness of the proposed methodology is demonstrated by considering non-Gaussian noise in the SMD measurements. A comparison of the DNN-based DSSE with more conventional approaches indicates that the DL-based approach gives better accuracy with smaller number of SMDs.

Azimian Behrouz, Biswas Reetam Sen, Moshtagh Shiva, Pal Anamitra, Tong Lang, Dasarathy Gautam


Deep neural network (DNN), State estimation, Synchrophasor measurements, Topology identification (TI)