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In Journal of biotechnology

As the world's population grows, it is necessary to rethink how countries throughout the world produce food in order to replace the conventional and unsustainable agricultural techniques. Microalgae cultivation using a nutrient-rich solution from hydroponic systems not only presents a novel approach to solving problems pertaining to the impact of the discharges on the natural environment but also provides a plethora of other biotechnological applications particularly in the productions of high value-added products and plants growth stimulants, which can be potentially assimilated into the circular bioeconomy (CBE) in the hydroponic sector. In this review, the potential and practicability of microalgae to be merged into hydroponics CBE are reviewed. Overall, the integration of microalgal biorefineries in hydroponics systems can be realized after considering their Technology Readiness Level and System Readiness Level beforehand. Several suggestions on strains and hydroponics system improvement using existing biotechnological tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and nanobiotechnology in support of the CBE will be covered.

Ajeng Aaronn Avit, Rosli Noor Sharina Mohd, Abdullah Rosazlin, Yaacob Jamilah Syafawati, Qi Ng Cai, Loke Show Pau


Hydroponics wastewater, circular bioeconomy, microalgae cultivation, microalgal biochar, nanotechnology