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In International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery

PURPOSE : Integrated operating rooms provide rich sources of temporal information about surgical procedures, which has led to the emergence of surgical data science. However, little emphasis has been put on interactive visualization of such temporal datasets to gain further insights. Our goal is to put heterogeneous data sequences in relation to better understand the workflows of individual procedures as well as selected subsets, e.g., with respect to different surgical phase distributions and surgical instrument usage patterns.

METHODS : We developed a reusable web-based application design to analyze data derived from surgical procedure recordings. It consists of aggregated, synchronized visualizations for the original temporal data as well as for derived information, and includes tailored interaction techniques for selection and filtering. To enable reproducibility, we evaluated it across four types of surgeries from two openly available datasets (HeiCo and Cholec80). User evaluation has been conducted with twelve students and practitioners with surgical and technical background.

RESULTS : The evaluation showed that the application has the complexity of an expert tool (System Usability Score of 57.73) but allowed the participants to solve various analysis tasks correctly (78.8% on average) and to come up with novel hypotheses regarding the data.

CONCLUSION : The novel application supports postoperative expert-driven analysis, improving the understanding of surgical workflows and the underlying datasets. It facilitates analysis across multiple synchronized views representing information from different data sources and, thereby, advances the field of surgical data science.

Mayer Benedikt, Meuschke Monique, Chen Jimmy, Müller-Stich Beat P, Wagner Martin, Preim Bernhard, Engelhardt Sandy


Surgical data science, Surgical workflow, Visualization