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In Nucleic acids research ; h5-index 217.0

Transcription factors (TFs) are proteins that interact with specific DNA sequences to regulate gene expression and play crucial roles in all kinds of biological processes. To keep up with new data and provide a more comprehensive resource for TF research, we updated the Animal Transcription Factor Database (AnimalTFDB) to version 4.0 ( with up-to-date data and functions. We refined the TF family rules and prediction pipeline to predict TFs in genome-wide protein sequences from Ensembl. As a result, we predicted 274 633 TF genes and 150 726 transcription cofactor genes in AnimalTFDB 4.0 in 183 animal genomes, which are 86 more species than AnimalTFDB 3.0. Besides double data volume, we also added the following new annotations and functions to the database: (i) variations (including mutations) on TF genes in various human cancers and other diseases; (ii) predicted post-translational modification sites (including phosphorylation, acetylation, methylation and ubiquitination sites) on TFs in 8 species; (iii) TF regulation in autophagy; (iv) comprehensive TF expression annotation for 38 species; (v) exact and batch search functions allow users to search AnimalTFDB flexibly. AnimalTFDB 4.0 is a useful resource for studying TF and transcription regulation, which contains comprehensive annotation and classification of TFs and transcription cofactors.

Shen Wen-Kang, Chen Si-Yi, Gan Zi-Quan, Zhang Yu-Zhu, Yue Tao, Chen Miao-Miao, Xue Yu, Hu Hui, Guo An-Yuan