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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

Financial investment promotes the market's fast economic growth and gradually becomes a new trend of social development in the contemporary era. From the national level, financial risk investment activities directly affect the development process of the information technology industry and social and economic benefits. The management of financial risk investment has received more attention, and the types and difficulties of risks are also gradually increasing. Financial regulatory agencies urgently need to establish a sensitive and scientific economic hazard early alarm system. The perfect earlier alarm system stands based on in-depth scientific theoretical research, so studying financial security evaluation and systemic economic earlier alarm systems is of great practical significance. Taking the systemic financial risk as the research object, this paper analyzes the mechanism of financial systemic risk. After that, deep learning technology in financial investment has been used for the first time to reconstruct the index system of financial security evaluation and early warning. The application of deep learning technology in the early warning of systemic financial risks is realized, which provides a reliable basis for the regulatory authorities to build a financial risk early warning system and makes empirical research.

Sun Yang, Li Jiajun