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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

At present, there is a lack of research on Marx's idea of "combining education and productive labor" and its guiding significance for youth labor education, and no effective teaching model has been formed. In response to this problem, this study proposes a semi-supervised deep learning model based on u-wordMixup (SD-uwM). When there is a shortage of labeled samples, semi-supervised learning uses a large number of unlabeled samples to solve the problem of labeling bottlenecks. However, since the unlabeled samples and labeled samples come from different fields, there may be quality problems in the unlabeled samples, which makes the generalization ability of the model worse., resulting in a decrease in classification accuracy. The model uses the u-wordMixup method to perform data augmentation on unlabeled samples. Under the constraints of supervised cross-entropy and unsupervised consistency loss, it can improve the quality of unlabeled samples and reduce overfitting. The comparative experimental results on the AGNews, THUCNews, and 20Newsgroups data sets show that the proposed method can improve the generalization ability of the model and also effectively improve the time performance. The study found that the SD-uwM model uses the u-wordMixup method to enhance the unlabeled samples and combines the idea of the Mean Teacher model, which can significantly improve the text classification performance. The SD-uwM model can improve the generalization ability and time performance of the model, respectively, 86.4 ± 1.3 and 90.5 ± 1.3. Therefore, the use of SD-uwM in Marx's program is of great practical significance for the guidance process of youth labor education.

Xiao Linyu, Liao Xiaoyi