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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

With the continuous development of Internet technology and related industries, emerging technologies such as big data and cloud computing have gradually integrated into and influenced social life. Emerging technologies have, to a large extent, revolutionized people's way of production and life and provided a lot of convenience for people's life. With the popularity of these technologies, information and data have also begun to explode. When we usually use an image storage system to process this information, we all know that an image contains countless pixels, and these pixels are interconnected to form the entire image. In real life, communities are like these pixels. On the Internet, communities are composed of interconnected parts. Nowadays, in various fields such as image modeling, we still have some problems, such as the problem of recognition rate, and we also found many problems when studying the community structure, which attracts more and more researchers, but the research on community query problems started late and the development is still relatively slow, so designing an excellent community query algorithm is a problem we urgently need to solve. With this goal, and based on previous research results, we have conducted in-depth discussions on community query algorithms, and hope that our research results can be applied to real life.

Han Zhuhua, Li Feng, Wang Gong