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In Journal of pathology informatics ; h5-index 23.0

Digital pathology had a recent growth, stimulated by the implementation of digital whole slide images (WSIs) in clinical practice, and the pathology field faces shortage of pathologists in the last few years. This scenario created fronts of research applying artificial intelligence (AI) to help pathologists. One of them is the automated diagnosis, helping in the clinical decision support, increasing efficiency and quality of diagnosis. However, the complexity nature of the WSIs requires special treatments to create a reliable AI model for diagnosis. Therefore, we systematically reviewed the literature to analyze and discuss all the methods and results in AI in digital pathology performed in WSIs on H&E stain, investigating the capacity of AI as a diagnostic support tool for the pathologist in the routine real-world scenario. This review analyzes 26 studies, reporting in detail all the best methods to apply AI as a diagnostic tool, as well as the main limitations, and suggests new ideas to improve the AI field in digital pathology as a whole. We hope that this study could lead to a better use of AI as a diagnostic tool in pathology, helping future researchers in the development of new studies and projects.

Rodriguez João Pedro Mazuco, Rodriguez Rubens, Silva Vitor Werneck Krauss, Kitamura Felipe Campos, Corradi Gustavo Cesar Antônio, de Marchi Ana Carolina Bertoletti, Rieder Rafael


Artificial intelligence, Diagnosis, Pathology, Whole slide images