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In Frontiers in oncology

Purpose : This study aimed to investigate the feasibility of predicting NF2 mutation status based on the MR radiomic analysis in patients with intracranial meningioma.

Methods : This retrospective study included 105 patients with meningiomas, including 60 NF2-mutant samples and 45 wild-type samples. Radiomic features were extracted from magnetic resonance imaging scans, including T1-weighted, T2-weighted, and contrast T1-weighted images. Student's t-test and LASSO regression were performed to select the radiomic features. All patients were randomly divided into training and validation cohorts in a 7:3 ratio. Five linear models (RF, SVM, LR, KNN, and xgboost) were trained to predict the NF2 mutational status. Receiver operating characteristic curve and precision-recall analyses were used to evaluate the model performance. Student's t-tests were then used to compare the posterior probabilities of NF2 mut/loss prediction for patients with different NF2 statuses.

Results : Nine features had nonzero coefficients in the LASSO regression model. No significant differences was observed in the clinical features. Nine features showed significant differences in patients with different NF2 statuses. Among all machine learning algorithms, SVM showed the best performance. The area under curve and accuracy of the predictive model were 0.85; the F1-score of the precision-recall curve was 0.80. The model risk was assessed by plotting calibration curves. The p-value for the H-L goodness of fit test was 0.411 (p> 0.05), which indicated that the difference between the obtained model and the perfect model was statistically insignificant. The AUC of our model in external validation was 0.83.

Conclusion : A combination of radiomic analysis and machine learning showed potential clinical utility in the prediction of preoperative NF2 status. These findings could aid in developing customized neurosurgery plans and meningioma management strategies before postoperative pathology.

Sun Shuchen, Ren Leihao, Miao Zong, Hua Lingyang, Wang Daijun, Deng Jiaojiao, Chen Jiawei, Liu Ning, Gong Ye


NF2, SVM - support vector machine, machiene learning, meningioma, radiomics