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In Applied bionics and biomechanics

Entering the era of knowledge economy, the economic value of talent education is more and more emphasized, and it contributes more and more to the local economy and injects new vitality into local economic development. However, there are still some difficulties in the synergistic development of talent education and local economy, such as the low degree of integration of "industry, profession, and employment" and the lack of synergy between schools and enterprises, which affects the high-quality development of talent education and restricts the long-term development of regional economy. This paper incorporates machine learning algorithms to construct a multivariate statistics analysis model based on the correlation analysis model between talent training quality and regional economic development. Based on the multi-variate statistical analysis theory and method, the qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis are closely combined to scientifically pick up the main indicators affecting the comprehensive quality of talent cultivation and overcome the drawbacks of artificial subjective assignment of values. Through the judicious selection of evaluation indexes, a scientific and fair evaluation model is established, and the targets of talent cultivation are combined with regional economic development, in a comprehensive analysis, which provides a new means for the development of the regional economy.

Yuan Yana