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In Journal of environmental and public health

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, society has entered the era of "information explosion." Financial data are a particularly important part of network information, and it has also reached a new level of public demand. The frequent appearance of words such as "carbon peak" and "green" indicates the transition of national policies to the field of sustainable development. Sustainable development would become an inevitable choice, and a green supply chain has become a new trend under this policy background. Supply chain finance uses the ideas and methods of key supply management to provide financial services to related enterprises. If an enterprise cannot acquire, organize, and use the information and data in the supply chain, it is likely to be outdated or even abandoned in the short term. This paper takes the artificial intelligence green financial system as the background and uses the cooperation theory model to analyze and predict the big data information of the enterprise supply chain. It realizes the transformation of information into sustainable resources for enterprises and releases the huge potential of big data. In this model, this model not only helped the company's overall profit increase by about 8.79% but also provided scientific support for corporate decision-making and promoted the development of the company.

Wu He, Zhang Xuancheng, Wang Yiqin