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In BMC bioinformatics

Recently, Deep Learning based automatic generation of treatment recommendation has been attracting much attention. However, medical datasets are usually small, which may lead to over-fitting and inferior performances of deep learning models. In this paper, we propose multi-objective data enhancement method to indirectly scale up the medical data to avoid over-fitting and generate high quantity treatment recommendations. Specifically, we define a main and several auxiliary tasks on the same dataset and train a specific model for each of these tasks to learn different aspects of knowledge in limited data scale. Meanwhile, a Soft Parameter Sharing method is exploited to share learned knowledge among models. By sharing the knowledge learned by auxiliary tasks to the main task, the proposed method can take different semantic distributions into account during the training process of the main task. We collected an ultrasound dataset of thyroid nodules that contains Findings, Impressions and Treatment Recommendations labeled by professional doctors. We conducted various experiments on the dataset to validate the proposed method and justified its better performance than existing methods.

Piao Chengkai, Lv Mengyue, Wang Shujie, Zhou Rongyan, Wang Yuchen, Wei Jinmao, Liu Jian


Deep learning, Multi-objective, Parameter sharing, Thyroid nodules, Ultrasound analysis