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In Contrast media & molecular imaging

Over the years, with the widespread use of computer technology and the dramatic increase in electronic medical data, data-driven approaches to medical data analysis have emerged. However, the analysis of medical data remains challenging due to the mixed nature of the data, the incompleteness of many records, and the high level of noise. This paper proposes an improved neural network DBN-LSTM that combines a deep belief network (DBN) with a long short-term memory (LSTM) network. The subset of feature attributes processed by CFS-EGA is used for training, and the optimal selection test of the number of hidden layers is performed on the upper DBN in the process of training DBN-LSTM. At the same time, the validation set is combined to determine the hyperparameters of the LSTM. Construct the DNN, CNN, and long short-term memory (LSTM) network for comparative analysis with DBN-LSTM. Use the classification method to compare the average of the final results of the two experiments. The results show that the prediction accuracy of DBN-LSTM for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases reaches 95.61%, which is higher than the three traditional neural networks.

Xu Yan, Meng Lingwei