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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

Industrial quality detection is one of the important fields in machine vision. Big data analysis, the Internet of Things, edge computing, and other technologies are widely used in industrial quality detection. Studying an industrial detection algorithm that can be organically combined with the Internet of Things and edge computing is imminent. Deep learning methods in industrial quality detection have been widely proposed recently. However, due to the particularity of industrial scenarios, the existing deep learning-based general object detection methods have shortcomings in industrial applications. This study designs two isomorphic industrial detection models to solve these problems: T-model and S-model. Both proposed models combine swin-transformer with convolution in the backbone and design a residual fusion path. In the neck, this study designs a dual attention module to improve feature fusion. Second, this study presents a knowledge distiller based on the dual attention module to improve the detection accuracy of the lightweight S-model. According to the analysis of the experimental results on four public industrial defect detection datasets, the model in this study is more advantageous in industrial defect detection.

Zhang Ze-Kai, Zhou Ming-Le, Shao Rui, Li Min, Li Gang