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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

An accurate seismic facies analysis (SFA) can provide insight into the subsurface sedimentary facies and has guiding significance for geological exploration. Many machine learning algorithms, including unsupervised, supervised, and deep learning algorithms, have been developed successfully for SFA over the past decades. However, SFA and facies classification are still challenging tasks due to the complex characteristics of geological and seismic data. A multiattribute SOM-K-means clustering algorithm, which implements a two-stage clustering by using multiple geological attributes, is proposed and applied for SFA. The proposed algorithm can effectively extract complementary features from the multiple attribute volumes and comprehensively use the different attributes to improve the recognition ability of seismic facies. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm improves clustering accuracy and can be used as an effective and powerful tool for SFA.

Zhu Zhaolin, Chen Xin, Ren Haoran, Tao Liurong, Jiang Jinsheng, Wang Tong, Cheng Mingxin, Ding Shuaimin, Du Rui