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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

With the development of The Times, social events are increasing, and emergency management has gradually become the main helper to solve the crisis in the public domain. By observing the current situation of many countries and regions, we can find that various types of public crises often occur in many countries and regions in the world, which have severely affected people's daily life, lives, and property. Through long-term research and analysis, it can be known that the emergency management mechanism currently established in China has certain shortcomings. The communication problem of emergency information is likely to cause the emergency work to not proceed smoothly. In addition, problems in the communication channels of emergency information are likely to cause problems in the cooperation of various departments when people carry out emergency management work, and the efficiency of the government in dealing with problems will also be reduced in real scenarios. In order to improve the efficiency of emergency information management, this paper aims at the various problems existing and facing in the construction of emergency management system. On this basis, the integration of various relevant emergency information management plan models is analyzed and sorted out, and based on the research and integration of the development of artificial intelligence algorithms. The main research results of emergency information management at home and abroad are comprehensively studied and evaluated. Finally, a QG algorithm based on more model fusion is developed. In the process of analysis, this article uses artificial intelligence algorithms to build a prediction model of multiple modes and collects the data needed to build the model by random extraction. Through the analysis of different data sets, it is used as the basic training data for prediction. Through comprehensive analysis, the model constructed in this paper can promote the sharing of emergency information among departments to a certain extent.

Lei Liping