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In Genomics, proteomics & bioinformatics

Cancer therapy resistance and recurrence (CTRR) are the dominant causes of death in cancer patients. Recent studies have indicated that non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) can not only reverse the resistance to cancer therapy but also are crucial biomarkers for the evaluation and prediction of CTRR. Herein, we developed CTRR-ncRNA, a knowledgebase of CTRR-associated ncRNAs, aiming to provide an accurate and comprehensive resource for research involving association between CTRR and ncRNAs. Compared to most of the existing cancer databases, CTRR-ncRNA is focused on the clinical characterization of cancers, including cancer subtypes, as well as survival outcomes and responses to personalized therapy of cancer patients. Information pertaining to biomarker ncRNAs has also been documented for the development of personalized CTRR prediction. A user-friendly interface and several functional modules have been incorporated into the database. Based on the preliminary analysis of genotype-phenotype relationships, universal ncRNAs have been found to be potential biomarkers for CTRR. The CTRR-ncRNA is a translation-oriented knowledgebase and it provides a valuable resource for mechanistic investigations and explainable artificial intelligence-based modelling. CTRR-ncRNA is freely available to the public at

Tang Tong, Liu Xingyun, Wu Rongrong, Shen Li, Ren Shumin, Shen Bairong


Cancer recurrence, Knowledgebase, Non-coding RNA, Therapeutic resistance, Translational bioinformatics