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In Optics express

6-core and 8-core trench-assisted heterogeneous fibres in standard cladding diameter are designed using artificial intelligence-based techniques including a cut-off wavelength regressor. The designs proposed here, for the first time, suppress crosstalk at 1550 nm of 8-core fibre to as low as -55 dB/km covering the whole S+C+L band while keeping coating loss below 0.001 dB/km. We compare them to reveal the influence of the additional cores in the 125 µm cladding diameter scenario. We report on the transmission characteristics and performance of the MCFs in terms of capacity and spatial spectral efficiency, including the influence of bandwidth, effective mode area, distance and crosstalk, for a range of transmission distances. The artificial intelligence-based method and insights given can be used to significantly speed up and tailor designs for a variety of telecom and datacom applications.

Mu Xun, Ottino Alessandro, Ferreira Filipe M, Zervas Georgios